Friday, August 19, 2011

Captain America

The thing that struck me
While watching this silly and
Campy yet very

Fun movie, was that
Chris Evans REALLY nails it
He's charismatic

Without a hint of
Sarcasm or relying
On comic timing

The movie is worth
Seeing just for that, but lots
Of stuff blows up too

Horrible Bosses

The three titular
Bosses steal the show and make
Up for a lame plot

There are lots of great
Jokes, and good performances
Which keep things going

The direction is
Adequate and nothing will
Surprise you but it's

Worth it just to see
Charlie Day up against a
Vampy Aniston

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friends With Benefits

Yes, these two are friends
Yes, there are some benefits
Also, tons of jokes

And surprisingly
The jokes are mostly solid
Thanks to the two leads

No, it doesn't hold
Up to close scrutiny, so
Sit back, relax, and

Enjoy some funny,
Charming people having
Funny, charming sex